Introducing new pricing tiers with all free Sandbox

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We have completely rehauled our pricing. Now offering a free tier called Sandbox. Sign up today and give it a try – no credit card needed.

Machine learning available for all

Our ambition from the start has been to empower more people to solve problems with machine learning. That's why Aito was founded. We identified three hurdles that prevent companies to benefit from the intelligence offered by ML, and chose our guiding principles as follows:

  1. Ridiculously easy and fast to usage by the biggest group out these: software developers.
  2. Optimise the total lifetime cost by reducing work needed to maintain predictions.
  3. Price point that lowers the cost of prediction to insignificant.

First, Aito has been built with a database-paradigm as a starting point. Predictions are responses to sql-like queries, without a single thought spent with features, models and prediction targets. Database acts as a "training set" for predictions that come back in milliseconds based on what you queried.

Second, our "no-model" approach allows us to make your life with ML easier than with any other platform. Every new datapoint pushed into your Aito database is instantly in use for following predictions, eliminating the need for model re-training and deployment loop. Additionally, we've made Aito run in the cloud, where our team makes sure everything is running smoothly and are up to date. We are Finns, afterall ;)

We feel we are on the right track with first the two items. But what about the price point?

Introducing new pricing tiers

Initially our pricing was based on two factors: the amount of data in the instance, and the number of queries you made. We have listened to your feedback (thanks!), and agree that it was too challenging to predict your monthly cost this way, especially with query volumes. We wanted to make this as simple as possible. So here we go.

Aito instance tiers
Introducing new Aito instances

First, there is now a free instance called Sandbox. Each user can have one of these, and no sales calls or a credit card are needed for its activation. What you get is still a completely isolated machine, and no data gets mixed up with others or used by us. The main limitations are with amount of data, monthly queries and that the server is running only limited hours per day.

Then, our paid instances come in two flavours: Dev and Prod, both with a clear and predictable monthly flat rate.

Dev instances still run for limited hours per day as they are not meant for continuous production use. This way we can keep the price point very low. They are limited with the amount of queries and data, but they are auto-backupped and you can create teams to work together on the same use case.

Prod instances are for the real deal that needs to be up 24/7, and come with an SLA. They are extendable with storage, and have no monthly query limits. In addition, the customers with prod instances will have a dedicated (human!) contact at our team for any help needed.

Our typical customer that runs things in production and develops new stuff has usually a few instances. For example, one Prod for each use case that has unique dataset and dev instances for iteration and testing.

Check the full details of the pricing and sign up for free Sandbox at our revamped pricing page.

Big plans?

For customers with world domination plans in terms of performance or quantity, or help in deployment of the use case, there is always a possibility to tailor a package that fits the needs. Just contact us and let's chat!

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New integration! Aito Instant Predictions app is now available from Airtable Marketplace.


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