Easiest machine learning right inside Airtable

Aito gives your Airtable superpowers. Just point at an empty cell to predict it's value. Or many at a time. Leave all the data sciency stuff happening behind the scenes - automatically.

World's first point-and-predict machine learning

Works with small data

Aito can make sense out of small datasets. Work with what you have, and get clear signals when predictions are good or bad.

ML without MLops

Aito does machine learning like you have used to use Airtable. Free from complexity of choosing algorithms, managing training and deployments.

Grows with you

Once you are ready for more, Aito has full featured API for working with more complex automations.
"We could have not won the global Slack app hackathon without using Aito. I was able to integrate Aito to our platform in just 30 minutes!"

Sabin Iealceanu,

Co-founder, Intwixt

"It's crazy how well aito works out of the box for answering specific support question!"

Tobias Vogel,

Chief Revenue Officer @Gridpane

Get started in three steps

Step 1

Install Aito Instant Predictions in Airtable

We've created a handy app for Airtable, that deals with the connecting to Aito cloud. It's called Instant Predictions.

Start by installing it to your base from the Airtable Marketplace.

Step 2

Upload data to Aito

Create a view in your table with the columns you choose for teaching the ML. Aito app connects the data to cloud and you are ready to predict! Nothing else is really needed.

Have no data? No worries, we have some examples in this base.

Step 3

Point and predict

Select a cell and Aito predicts it's value. Categorise tweets, expenses, invoices, support tickets, messages. Predict product codes based on text, tags based on descriptions.

Inspiration: how we built a Tweet categorizer in one go! (VIDEO COMING SOON!)

Step 4

Extend with Airtable Automations and Aito API

Every Aito feature is available through a simple API, and options are endless. Create intelligent automations using Airtable scripts and Aito. Or connect to other platforms with Integromat.

Check out the integration guides.

Power to the base! Watch a 5 minutes getting started video starring our CEO Tommi.


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COVID-19 has driven us all to work remote, please connect with us online. Stay safe & play with data!

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